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Youth of Loretto

Młodzi z Loretto

It is a spiritual community of young people who want to bear witness to their faith, growing under the guidance of Our Lady of Loretto. They pray in two rosary roses. Their patrons are Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko and Blessed Clare Badano. But not only…


“Where two or three gather in my name, there I AM in the midst of them.” – Jesus said and encourages us to form a community where:

WE PRAY – the tenth of the rosary is our daily food on the journey of faith. Every month there is a different mystery of accompanying Mary to the Heart of Jesus. My prayer is multiplied by 20 since so many people pray in one rosary rose. The intentions? The Pope’s, for each other and the things we carry in our hearts.

WE MEET – we form relationships in a community of peers with our neighbours – and by extension with God hidden in whom we love with all our souls, hearts and minds.

WE SEEK – the path of life, the path of vocation, the path of mission, the path of our own identity. “O God, you are my God – it is you I seek!” (Psalm 63:2).

WE SHARE – who we are, the experiences we have, the talents we have, and the doubts that arise.

WE LISTEN – to each other, to interesting conferences with a basis in spiritual life; to testimonies of life. “Listen, son, to the teachings of the Master” – St. Benedict.

WE GET TO KNOW – the Lord God and His infinite love for us, Mary and the patron saints of the roses: Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko and Blessed Clare Badano.

“The youth are the future. I can’t run anymore but I would like to pass the torch to them like in the Olympics. The young have only one life that is worth to live it well!” (Blessed Clare Badano).

Let’s know how to listen to Mary’s heart beating next to the heart of our Motherland.

Only he can overcome evil who is himself rich in good, who cares about developing and enriching himself with those values that constitute the human dignity of a child of God.

For God, every person without exception is a precious treasure. (Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko)

WE BUILD COMMUNITY – we talk about what we are experiencing, we support each other in prayer, we travel together, we learn to love each other.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (Galatians 5, 22-23).

And what are the fruits? Heart-centeredness and openness, joy, gratitude, learning about different paths in life, as well as “the company of wise, prudent and valuable people,” we make friends… and we have one goal… – relationship with Jesus.

Our testimonies – why attend the meetings? Testimonies of the participants of the September 13, 2022 meeting.

Yesterday’s meeting was wonderful! As always, Fr. Tomasz Podlewski’s conference went straight to the heart. I’m glad that we could listen to his words. They very much illuminated for me how to seek a path and vocation. Of course, there was no shortage of laughter and shared conversations with people for whom I am incredibly grateful. Monika S.

Our last meeting was held in the middle of the week, but nevertheless, to a pleasant surprise, we gathered in a large group. We started it with a song to the Holy Spirit and then listened to a conference on discerning life paths. It was led by Fr. Tomasz who came to us from Cracow. After a short break for tea and cakes, we moved on to the second part of the meeting. It was the testimony of Sr. Barbara from the mission in Tanzania. We learned poignant stories about a completely different world and looked at lots of photos. The meeting ended with a Jasna Góra Appeal at 9 p.m. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to come because this evening gave me really a lot. Fr. Tomasz’ words were very inspiring and will certainly help me to look at decision process in a different way. Sr. Barbara’s story was extremely interesting. She made me aware of problems I never thought about and for some people they are a daily hardship. The meeting was a great opportunity to reflect on important issues and was spent in the company of wise and valuable people. Nina O.

Very fruitful. Fr. Tomasz clearly talked about discernment and his words hit me very much. Sister’s testimony shed new light for me on what missions are like. I am very grateful for the meeting. Maria R.

This is how we started the year 2023 together! First, of course, there was Mass, then we shared the Christmas wafer. There was also time for carol singing, laughing, talking and eating delicious food – the essence of the perfect meeting. Fr. Michał Pierzchała for whose presence we are very grateful, also came to the meeting!

Our testimonies – what does praying the rosary give us?

  • Reminds us to pray the rosary daily, builds community – Maria R.
  • Strength: in faith when it is difficult, in the relationship with God. Prayer nurtures my relationship with God. It is a time of tranquillity and peace of mind – Ola L.
  • Participation in the graces of the whole rosary. I feel Our Lady’s protection every day. I am not afraid, I feel peace in my heart – Anna K.
  • It teaches conscientiousness, gives peace of mind, helps to abide in faith, although often it is very difficult – Ewa K.
  • It is my daily meeting with God when I distance from the rush of thoughts and duties. I push away anger, sadness and calm down – Nina O.
  • It gives me inner peace. This prayer reminds me of the most important things: what is the purpose of my life and how to get there – Staś L.
  • A sense of responsibility, belonging to a group, time for reflection. It brings peace from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – Wiktor C.
  • Teaches perseverance – Kasia S.
  • Peace of mind – Monika S.
  • Sense of community, talking to God and Mary, entrusting one’s worries to the Lord God, peace – Joanna S.
  • Systematicity in prayer, sense of community and that I can’t leave it because it makes a whole – Karolina B.
  • A moment of respite from the daily routine. Noticing the action of the Holy Family – Piotr M.
  • Prayer and talking to God enriches my day. It sometimes gives me answers to difficult questions – Mikołaj J.
  • It gives me a sense of security. I entrust my dilemmas to God. Awareness that I am in a community and that others are praying for me. It satisfies the need to belong to a community – Maria J.
  • Systematicity, sense of duty, hope – Klaudia B.
  • Perseverance and self-denial. Shows me the power of the rosary; trust in God and that Marianism is also for the young – Agnieszka H.
  • Gives me the awareness that I am helping someone and myself. Perseverance in faith, tranquillity, help with daily problems – Adam L.
  • Authentic strength and courage – Maks M.
  • Prayer teaches me faithfulness and gives me joy – Kristina B.
  • It brings me closer to Our Lady and the Lord Jesus. Helps me stick to the faithfulness of prayer – Gabriela D.
  • The support of the Mother of God – Magda M.

Do you love Mary? Do you want to be Her helper and ask graces through the rosary? Do you have a desire for community with other young people? Join!

We invite and encourage you. By the Heart of Mary is safest (Franciszek).

Meetings are held once a month, in Warsaw or in Loretto.

For more information contact:

s. Wioletta CSL
Messenger: Sr. Wioletta Aneta Ostrowska


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