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Living Rosary in Loretto

Żywy Różaniec w Loretto

The Living Rosary is a group established at the Loretto shrine. It composes of three adult rosaries that meet on the first Saturdays of the month: Our Lady of Loretto, Blessed Father Kłopotowski and Blessed Pauline Jaricot. There are also two groups of youth rosaries: Blessed Father Jerzy Popiełuszko and Blessed Clare Badano.

The Living Rosary is a community in which prayer is in the centre. It is a real army of people who quietly, in their own homes, ask God’s blessing for others. “A tithe of the rosary is like a smouldering coal, but gather them together and they burst into flame. This is the character of the Living Rosary,” wrote Blessed Pauline Jaricot.

For more details contact: Sister Wioletta Ostrowska, tel: +48 728 858 155, e-mail:


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