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Listen to what I tell you about the Fatherland

Posłuchaj, co ci powiem o Ojczyźnie

How can we be indifferent to the happiness, peace and greatness of the Fatherland? It is the assurance and guarantee of our personal happiness and peace of mind. Therefore, let us not only wish the best for our Homeland, but also with our own work and sacrifice make these wishes come true.


  1. Only if the Cross stands firm on our land, we shall not lose it and we shall not give it away to anyone.
  2. Poland was famous and powerful as long as faith remained strong in society.
  3. We Poles would be as blind without the Holy Faith.
  4. The Polish nationality and the Catholic faith have become so intertwined over so many centuries that it is difficult to imagine a Pole who is not a Catholic at the same time.
  5. Polish hearts are a good breeding ground for religious truth and for the sowing of grace with which God has helped us in our plight over the centuries since we adopted the Catholic faith.
  6. When the fear of God and love return to the hearts of men, then our beautiful country will become like a house of God – a house of prayer and work.
  7. If Poland clings fervently to Catholic life, it will endure; if not, it will die.
  8. We must revive in ourselves faith, love and all noble feelings, unite in working for the Fatherland. For only then will we be capable of a new existence and life.
  9. From the ever-living and abundant source that is the Catholic faith, we can draw the power of means for the rebirth of our ailing but still living community.
  10. It is a great time to renew and strengthen in our hearts a fervent and childlike love for the Blessed Virgin. We can beg her for mercy and help with trust. May she reign over us, may she rule in our homeland, may she take our affairs into her hands and soon the change will come and our Poland will blossom with virtue and noble deeds and will bring happiness and prosperity to her people.


  1. The rebuilding of the Fatherland is not only about creating our own government and army, our own schools and institutions, or with the restoration and erection of churches and homes. All these things are good and necessary, but not the only things. Society must rise morally and there should be a spiritual reborn, otherwise there will be no real resurrection.
  2. Let us be conscientious as individuals and the whole Nation will be conscientious. We will rise from poverty, we will become powerful, but only on the foundation of conscience.
  3. The greatest strength and refuge of the Nation is its conscientiousness. With conscientious work will stand the strong edifice of the Fatherland. This is the road we must take – the road on which we shall find happiness. Poland must be conscientious.
  4. Let our politics and work for the Fatherland be conscientious and thus, it will bring us prosperity, trust and good fame.
  5. Let us all call ourselves citizens of the country, let us truly be citizens of the country, let us show by our actions that we conscientiously fulfil our civic duties.
  6. It is not the sheer number of people that makes a society rich, but the integrity and intrinsic value of the citizens combined with the great number.


  1. Our national dignity demands that we are always and everywhere Polish.
  2. If we love our Nation and wish it develop and to prepare it for great deeds, we must above all ensure that it does not lose its sense of dignity and honour.
  3. The Polish nation must awaken in itself the conviction that it should be the master of the land inherited from its ancestors; that this land is the workshop of its achievements and its greatness.
  4. The most vital and most important foundation of any Nation is its culture, its language. We must take strenuous care to keep this language and culture pure. To use our own language in a beautiful ways, instead of mindless, humiliating imitations. We must remember to always develop our own culture.
  5. National dignity also requires respect for our habits.
  6. If we behave in this way, if we respect ourselves without dishonouring ourselves with any bad deeds and if we respect our own speech and everything that is ours, we will be better off and our sense of national dignity will force even strangers to respect us.


  1. If the young generation, the future of the country, is noble, honest and exemplary, things will be better for us. It will mean that the flower of our thoughts and desires has borne beautiful and desirable fruit which will multiply the good of our homeland and bring us good glory. We will therefore never cease to exhort and encourage parents to watch over their children.
  2. Religion was the strongest stronghold of Polishness and family centres were the fortresses that guarded this stronghold and the treasures it contained. What families are, so will be the whole society, as it is always composed of families.
  3. A woman, placed as a mother over a child, a nurturer of the young generation has in her hands that which constitutes the hope and future of the Nation.
  4. The home was the guardian of the nation’s spirit; what the school, the office spoiled and obliterated was recovered in the family. This is why we should pay closer attention to family today. The family is my Homeland.
  5. If we love our Homeland, we must also love our brothers and sisters who form one community with us: one huge Polish family.


  1. Let us prove with deeds that we love our Homeland.
  2. It is God’s command to work and one must work with the sweat of one’s brow, then everyone will be well off in the earthly and heavenly Homeland. Therefore, let us not ask what Poland will be like, but let us want to understand that it will be what we create.
  3. All meetings, assemblies and resolutions are of no use if we are not united in our work.
  4. Above all, we should get rid of addictions and vices that we know to be the cause of the downfall of our Homeland.
  5. Let us work for the Fatherland where it demands of us.
  6. Let no one today excuse themselves for not being able to do something for the Fatherland, for not having the ability for social work or the property to contribute to schools and national institutions. Let them try to inculcate virtues in their family hearth, spread good education, observe honesty and harmony, foster love for faith and their own speech or their treasures and monuments. By doing this they will be of great service to the Fatherland. Love of the Fatherland in words and wishes is only a flower. There is no benefit from it. Only deeds, work, and endeavour – as the fruit of good thoughts – are of benefit and merit to the Fatherland.
  7. Quiet work will benefit the Fatherland and future generations will bless our quiet work. May quiet work flourish among us and bring us happiness and prosperity.

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