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Loretto Sisters Publishing House in Baia Mare, Romania

Wydawnictwo Sióstr Loretanek w Baia Mare, Rumunia

The parish print shop in Baia Mare has been run by the Loretto sisters since 1995. Initially in very modest conditions and on the simplest printing machines.

The publishing house and printing of the Loretto sisters began to function in 2005. Today it already has its own legal personality, as well as modern equipment and printing machines.

Apostolate through the printed word in Romania is an area of evangelisation still undeveloped by many. The majority of the population is Orthodox (about 80%). This poses a great challenge for the work of publishing. Despite many difficulties, it opens up many possibilities. The fruitfulness of the sisters’ work here is an eloquent sign of the spirit of the congregation’s founder, Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski.

A large part of the publications of the publishing house in Baia Mare are devotional books, prayer books and novena for the intercession of the saints. Books on family themes are also published. Publications on great people of the Church are in development.

There are currently 4 sisters of Romanian origin working in the publishing house.

The reputation of the Publishing House of the Loretto Sisters is very good. It is an environment that facilitates contacts and cooperation with lay publishers as well as with individuals.

Please visit the website in Romanian:


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