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Window of life

Okno Życia

The Window of Life is located in the General House of the Loretto sisters in Warsaw at 18 Ks. Ignacy Kłopotowskiego Street.

It was opened on 25 March 2009 with the participation of the Archbishop Henryk Hoser SAC, Caritas of the Warsaw-Praga Diocese and newlyweds Ewa and Marcin who largely financed the project.

For every passer-by and for every sister this is a symbol of care for life. Its is a reminder that: “every human existence preserved from death is a great merit for the Fatherland” – according to the words of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski.

So far, five children have been left in the Prague Window of Life.


It is a specially prepared place where a mother can leave her newborn child without endangering it or herself while remaining anonymous. The Window of Life provides discretion and security.

The task of the sisters watching over the Window of Life is to provide warmth and nursing care during the first moments of the child’s stay in the Window of Life and medical care at the hospital from where the child is referred to the family emergency room. At the same time, the adoption procedure begins. This is thus ensuring that the child left behind by the mother can live in a family.


  • a mother who wanted an abortion – as a better alternative
  • a mother who lacks the courage to leave her “unwanted” child in hospital after birth
  • a woman for whom pregnancy does not seem to be a blessing but a drama/ she does not accept her condition but doesn’t want to kill the new life conceived within her – as a solution to her difficult situation
  • a woman experiencing social stigmatisation because of the child conceived in her, confronted with the non-acceptance of her motherhood in her immediate environment forcing her to abandon the child
  • the child for whom this place becomes a safe haven protecting his or her life after birth


  • a place to protect life for a child born out of wedlock from a hidden pregnancy
  • a reminder of human rights
  • a sign of concern for the life of every human being, especially the most vulnerable
  • an expression of the dignity and sanctity of human life
  • a call for parental love

If you would like to help a child and receive legal, psychological and material support, you can contact the Catholic Adoption Centre.

Catholic Adoption Centre

5 Ratuszowa Street
03-461 Warsaw
tel.: 22 618 92 45


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