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Non-public kindergarten of the Loretto Sisters in Warsaw

Niepubliczne Przedszkole Zgromadzenia Sióstr Loretanek w Warszawie na Bródnie

The non-public kindergarten of the Loretto Sisters in Warsaw Bródno district carries out the mission entrusted to the congregation by the Father Founder to run educational institutions.

The kindergarten has an entry in the register of non-public schools and establishments in Warsaw. As a Catholic institution, it adopts the Christian system of values as the basis for education.

Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to:

  • focusing on the child’s essential needs;
  • nurturing harmonious development in connection with the didactic and educational programme;
  • cooperation with parents in order to create a preschool community.

All educational activities are aimed at ensuring that preschoolers are:

  • a person: honest, righteous, good, respecting themselves and others, developing their gifts and talents;
  • a true Christian
  • a patriot;
  • prepared for school.

The aim of the activities:

  • children, parents and nursery school staff develop and improve their own skills in an atmosphere of family, friendship and kindness;
  • everyone becomes a human being in the likeness of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and so that families are formed and live in the image of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

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