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Library of the Loretto Sisters

Biblioteka Loretańska

“A book is bread for the soul. May the Sisters share this bread with others” – Blessed Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski.

According to the will of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski, the book is the first tool for the realisation of the apostolic mission of the Loretto sisters.

This task is fulfilled in the present day by the work in the printing houses and publishing houses in four European countries.

The fruit of the sister work is seen in thousands of book and magazines published by their publishing houses. The publications are placed in the library collections of the Loretto houses. The subjects of our collections are mainly related to religion and theology, but also to popular and scientific fields.

On 21 September 2015, the congregation joined the Federation of Church Libraries FIDES in order to make the book collection accessible to a wider range of readers. The book collection is steadily growing in the Koha system database.

We warmly invite you to familiarise and borrow the collected publications.



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