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Place of Worship of Blessed Father Kłopotowski

Miejsce kultu bł. ks. Ignacego Kłopotowskiego 15.3

Loretto would not exist if it were not for its founder, Blessed Father Kłopotowski. Thanks to him, we especially venerate the Mystery of the Incarnation in this place. Fr. Kłopotowski marked this place with the presence of Mary and the spirituality of the Holy Family House. He also expressed his wish that after his death, he will be laid in Loretto. And this is exactly what happened. In 1932 his body was taken to the cemetery in Loretto and placed in a specially prepared tomb. From then on, the cult of Fr. Kłopotowski spread and numerous faithful received graces through his intercession. After exhumation, Fr. Kłopotowski remains were transferred to a sarcophagus in the Shrine of Our Lady of Loretto. He intercedes for all those who come and ask him for the intercession.  


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