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Loretto Sisters Publishing House Museum

Muzeum Wydawnictwa Sióstr Loretanek 001

It was created in order to show the development of the publishing work and to preserve the heritage and historical legacy of the Loretto Sisters’ Publishing House.

In the museum, one can learn about the publishing and printing work of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski and the Loretto Printing House established by him 90 years ago which functions today as the Publishing House of the Loretto Sisters.

The mission focused on presenting the idea of the apostolate of Blessed Father Ignacy – a great promoter of publishing and printing work in Poland in the first thirty years of the 20th century.

It is a testimony to the apostolic task carried out by the Loretto sisters for more than 100 years – evangelisation through the printed word. It is also a contemporary platform for dialogue. It shows the contribution of the Loretto sisters to the achievements and development of human work and the evangelising mission of the Church in Poland.

It is based in the congregation’s publishing house in Warsaw Rembertów.

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