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Loretto Sisters in Ukraine

Siostry Loretanki na Ukrainie

One of the direction of missionary work where the Loretto sisters minister is a house in the Braclaw village (Ukraine). With great commitment and dedication the sisters have taken up their work among the people there. They conduct catechesis, parish choir and take spiritual care of children and youth. They work in the sacristy, prepare decorations in the church for various celebrations or important events in the parish and cooperate with the parish priest in pastoral work.

From the printing press that is placed in the house there are sent prayer books, song books, liturgical calendars, colourful children’s magazines and “Różaniec” (Rosary) magazine to many people.

An important feature of the sisters’ ministry in the parish is to help those who are most afflicted by life: sick, lonely, poor and elderly. The sisters generously share their time, good word, fruit from the orchard and buy the material gifts for those in need. In these very difficult times of war, they support those who have lost everything and are forced to leave their homes and seek shelter. They bring hope into their lives with sisterly kindness, faith and love.


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