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Novena to Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski

Nowenna do błogosławionego ks. Ignacego Kłopotowskiego


“I have not abandoned the poor who were in the Workhouse and belonged to it and if God permits – I will not abandon them”.

Blessed Father Ignacy, you helped the poor and the destitute and you took special care of them. We commend to you today all those in need of material help and we ask for the grace … for which we implore in faith.

Prayers for each day of the novena:

Our Father…, Hail Mary…, Glory be to the Father….

O God, who inspired in the heart of Blessed Ignacy, the presbyter, a great love for the Incarnate Word and for his Virgin Mother, by inspiring in him a desire to build up your kingdom through zealous imitation of Christ’s love for the poor and the marginalized, and by making him an apostle of the Catholic press and publishing houses, grant through his intercession that we may joyfully dedicate our whole selves to the work of salvation of the world. Infinitely good Father, grant us, through the powerful intercession of Blessed Ignacy, your help in the cause we confidently entrust to you… Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


“Hard is the plight of the orphan. But an orphan is happier than a guardian who has sacrificed himself for the orphan. The orphan does not see the plight but the guardian feels it painfully. To look at misery and not be able to help – is that a small pain? Then it is nothing to share or even to give away the last piece of bread”.

Blessed Ignacy, helping orphans was a great joy for you. You gave them a roof over their heads. We commend to you all the orphans of our time on the streets all over the world. We also ask you for the grace… for which we implore in faith.


“It is important to make use of newspapers and good books. It is necessary to read them diligently and to spread them with all one’s strength, so that the good seed which they sow in the souls of those who read them may grow as luxuriantly as possible and may yield a bountiful harvest. There is a glaring contradiction everywhere between what is said and what is done. One says that is a Catholic and attends church fervently, but at home reads magazines and newspapers that scorn one’s own faith and all that is Catholic. How can all this be reconciled with Catholic honour, dignity and courage?”.

Blessed Ignacy, you created and promoted a good Catholic press to taught us in it about faith and prayer. Surround all journalists with your intercession so that they always proclaim truth and are not ashamed of their faith in Jesus Christ. Grant us the grace … for which we implore in faith.


“The clergy are meant to be the pledge of honour to the Saviour of the world. Through the sacrament of priestly ordination, the Most High God Himself has imprinted His mark on the soul of the priest and adorned him with His seal. He made him His apostle-messenger and empowered him to dispense and grant His graces and gifts to people. The sacrament of priesthood is like a golden bowl which the Church places at the Saviour’s side, in order to draw strength from the Heart of Jesus for the supernatural rebirth of humanity. Thus, the children of God the Creator may become children of God the Redeemer”.

Blessed Ignacy, we entrust to your intercession all priests. We ask for your protection, intercession and guidance along their path of vocation. We also ask you for the grace … for which we implore in faith.


“Since the confessor takes the place of the Lord Jesus, he must, like the Lord Jesus, fulfil a fourfold office. He is to be for sinners: father, doctor, teacher and judge”.

Blessed Ignacy, zealous confessor, surround all confessors with your protection, so that they may become understanding to their penitents and lead them to heaven. Grant us also the grace … for which we implore in faith.


“I will always be a Father to you… Dear Sisters, my greatest concern is that you may be holy. Whichever one is holy that one will shine most brightly in the crown of my glory in heaven”.

Blessed Ignacy, we commend to you the Sisters of Loretto whom you have called to the service of the Church.  We ask that you intercede for them and surround them with your protection, so that they may persevere on the path of their vocation to holiness. We also ask you for the grace … for which we implore in faith.


Father Kłopotowski had a great love for the Blessed Mother. He often visited the Sanctuary of Jasna Góra where he felt at home. He prayed the Rosary everyday – it was his favourite prayer. He founded the Loretto Shrine for his beloved Mother.

Blessed Ignacy, we commend to your special protection all devotees of Mary, so that her protection and intercession may accompany them at every step. We also ask you for the grace … for which we implore in faith.


“When I bend my knees before the tabernacle, I no longer pray alone; God prays with me and perfects my prayer. Try to be at Mass every day and participate in it devoutly”.

Blessed Ignacy, teach us to love the Eucharist so that, like you, we may worship the true God in it. Grant special protection to all Eucharistic devotees and members of Eucharistic confraternities, so that they may surround the Blessed Sacrament with extraordinary reverence and love. We also ask you for the grace … for which we implore in faith.


“Holiness is available to every man and is His true greatness! From heaven I will help you”. The fame of holiness surrounded Fr. Ignacy during his lifetime. After his death, the faithful who asked him to intercede received many extraordinary graces.

Blessed Ignacy, model of sanctity and great intercessor, we commend to you all our intentions and all the concerns that trouble our hearts. Grant us in particular that grace … for which we especially beg.

With the permission of the Warsaw-Praga Bishop’s Curia of 5 April 2013, No. 661 (K)2013 (to be recited privately).

Please write about graces received through the intercession of Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski to:

Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loretto: 18 Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski Street; 03-717, Warsaw or e-mail:


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