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Miracle and testimonies of graces

Cud i świadectwa łask


Among many testimonies of graces received from God through the intercession of Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski, a documented testimony of the healing of Fr. Antoni Łatko from Katowice Archdiocese has been submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

The 61-year-old priest was assaulted and massacred by unknown perpetrators in his rectory on the night of 20-21 June 1991. The parish priest was found by the vicar, Fr Krzysztof Winkler who had come at five o’clock in the morning to ask for a blessing to leave with the pilgrims. He found the priest unconscious with head wounds and other injuries.

Fr. Łatko was taken to hospital in Jastrzębie-Zdrój. Doctors tried to save his life by operating on his skull after 13 blows had been inflicted. At the same time parishioners and friends were asking God for his recovery through the intercession of the Servant of God Fr. Kłopotowski of whom Fr. Anthony was a great venerator and promoter of the cult.

Fr. Antoni Łatko recovered in a short time and left the hospital on 19 July 1991. He was convinced that it was a miracle through the intercession of Fr. Kłopotowski. In the first few days after leaving hospital he went to Loretto to thank him for the gift of life and the Loretto sisters for their prayers.

A trial was launched to investigate this extraordinary healing few years later. It was opened by Archbishop Damian Zimoń on 21 December 1995 in Katowice. Extensive medical material provided by the hospital in Jastrzębie-Zdrój was collected. They interviewed 18 witnesses, including doctors, priests, parishioners, Loretto nuns and the healed priest himself.

Fr. Antoni Łatko was re-examined and subjected to medical assessment in 1996. The last session closing the process on the diocesan level took place in Katowice on March 20, 1997. The collected documentation was presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

The Congregation confirmed the validity of the process conducted at diocesan level by decree of 9 April 1999. An item on the alleged miracle was drawn up on the basis of the material collected. It received the positive opinion of another two Vatican doctors, the so-called perito ex officio (ex officio experts). The case was further analysed by three commissions: a medical commission, a theological commission and a cardinal commission.

The Symposium of the Medical Commission gave a positive assessment of the miracle on 25 November 2004. It was confirmed by seven theologians on 7 February 2005. The final judgment of the cardinal congress concerning the miraculous intervention of God through the intercession of the Servant of God Fr. Kłopotowski was issued on 3 May 2005.



God gave us two wonderful sons. Being halfway through our pregnancy with our second child, we learned that our son had extreme congenital hydrocephalus and that the disease was progressing rapidly. The prognosis was not good. An abortion was suggested. We felt very overwhelmed with no hope or chance of rescue.

The Loretto sisters from Rembertów with great love took us under their prayerful wings. We entrusted our son to the care of Blessed Father Kłopotowski, kneeling the whole family in front of his tomb in Loretto. We prayed a lot: said the novena many times and called on the saints for help. Successive ultrasounds showed the unusual dynamism of the disease. There was little time left for a miracle.

The pregnancy ended 1.5 months before the due date. After the birth, it turned out that hydrocephalus was accompanied by other defects, including a complete cleft palate. The first few days were extremely difficult for us. Our son was admitted to the NICU at the Children’s Memorial Health Centre. We named him Ignacy in honour of Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski.

The situation from a medical point of view was hopeless. Our son was given no chance of any improvement. He could not feed himself and no one knew if he could see or hear. We took up the prayer assault anew. We prayed the novena over the incubator even more fervently, giving the relics of Blessed Ignacy to our son’s hands. We placed them close to his sick head, so he could feel support from heaven. We received the gift of fortitude and marital unity. We did not doubt God’s love and in its light, we made difficult and non-obvious decisions.

We spent the first year intermittently at the Children’s Health Centre. At home we took care above all to surround him with love. A few months after his birth, MRI scan was surprisingly good according to the doctors. The void previously occupied by fluid had been filled with brain tissue. God heard our prayers – we knew that a miracle happened.

Today, after serious and extensive brain damage and 15 operations, Ignacy looks and behaves like a healthy 6-year-old boy. For some doctors, our Ignaś is the first such case in 40 years of professional experience. The cleft palate was operated on with excellent results, despite the fact that there was not much tissue and it was “found” during the operation. Despite the assessment of some specialists, in the face of which Ignacy had a 1% chance of proper oral nutrition – today he is recovering completely on his own. The gastrostomy hole has been sewn up.

The intercession of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski is a light and a signpost on our path. God in His mercy has poured graces generously and abundantly into our marriage and family. He has not left us without help and put good people on our path. God grants us strength and graces in our struggles.

With a heart full of gratitude to the Minister of Divine Mercy, Blessed Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski.

Ewa i Franciszek


At the novitiate in Loretto, every day we pray a novena to Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski in specific intentions. We are very often approached by people asking us to pray for them to find a job. We willingly undertake this prayer. Last Tuesday, I met Maria who asked us to pray for her. She is 50 years old and could not get a job anywhere. The factory where she had been employed for 30 years had closed down. Maria was a few years short of her pension. She looked everywhere for a job. No one wanted to talk to her. The answer she heard numerous times was very short: “Sorry, but we have no space”. We knew Maria’s difficult family situation, so we started praying through the intercession of Blessed Ignacy Kłopotowski.

After some time, she called us: “They are accepting me to work at the school. I am so happy because there is hope that I will be able to work until I get my pension”. She was given a job that was close to her home. Maria said she owed her job to Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski.

s. Maria


I want to gratefully inform you that I have received help from Blessed Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski on scientific, publishing and also organisational matters. Whenever I have had a problem with writing an article I asked for help Father Ignacy and I have always received it. Miracles happen. After a prayer, I get inspired to work – I sit down at the computer and do easily what I found difficult to do before. Today was the same. In the flurry of work, the writing of another article made me depressed. I hadn’t been able to get down to this article for weeks and time was flying by. I prayed to Fr. Ignacy and said a litany to him. In a few hours I sat down at the computer…I had a 40,000-character article! I kept writing and couldn’t tear myself away from my work until I finished! I am very grateful for your help!



On 9 October a friend of mine informed me that her baby girl (in the womb) was not gaining weight. She weighed invariably 2 kg 200 g and had dropped to the 13th percentile. She was informed that if the ultrasound will show that she had not grown on 23 October, a caesarean section would have to be planned beforehand. I decided to turn to Blessed Father Kłopotowski. I didn’t know much about the priest – I found a novena card in the chapel of the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw and I had already prayed to him for a sick boy, Rafałek (lung cancer, a 3-year-old child). I finished praying the novena on Sunday. Yesterday, I met with a friend who told me that she had an ultrasound on Monday and the baby girl weighs 3 kg (which is completely normal). The doctor took a very long time to check (he was surprised too). Today another ultrasound confirmed that the baby girl weighs just over 3 kg. We thank Blessed Father Kłopotowski for this grace.

Katarzyna Kamińska, Warsaw


The whole situation happened almost a year ago. I was in Loretto on the second Sunday of November. With great faith I prayed to meet a good, simple boy with whom I could start a happy family in the future. Not even a week passed and the right boy appeared on my path. We got to know each other and our affection deepened. We plan to start a Catholic family after graduation. I firmly believe that he is a gift from God which I received through the intercession of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Him for it every day. Please pray for love and perseverance.

Faithful devotee Pauline


I have continuously applied for my dream job for the past five years. I repeatedly applied for the position despite the lack of any opportunities or prospects. I was constantly misled and my hopes faded year after year. Despite the suffering caused by the lack of employment opportunities, I persistently asked God for this grace. In August, my husband and I went to Loretto (for the second time, even though we live in distant Katowice). We spent a beautiful Sunday at the shrine: Holy Mass, walk along the rosary paths and a visit to the sisters’ cemetery. During my stay in Loretto I gained strength and spiritual peace again. On my return to Katowice I began to pray intensively: the Litany of Loretto, the Litany to Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski and I recite the prayer for the intercession of Blessed Ignacy Kłopotowski. This year, on the 26th of September, I received the wonderful news. The grace for which I have been asking God for 5 years and for the past month through the intercession of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski has been sent to me! From October I will take up the work for which I have been asking God so much. I am convinced that Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski has interceded for me with this precious grace. I share my testimony and strongly urge everyone to pray through the intercession of Fr. Kłopotowski. With kind regards, cordial greetings and the gift of prayer, I thank you sisters of Loretto for making me aware of the work of Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski.



I would like to inform you with great joy of further graces I have received from God through the intercession of Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski. On 19 December this year, after many hardships and efforts, despite considerable health difficulties, I defended my doctoral degree in the humanities. For several months I have been asking God for the grace of spiritual and mental strength. I prayed the Litany of Loreto, the Litany to Blessed Father Kłopotowski and recited the prayer for the intercession of Blessed Father. This is another grace I have asked through the intercession of Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski. My sincere greetings and my best wishes for all the prosperity and God’s protection in all the works sisters undertake.



I am writing this to tell you about the miraculous healing of my Uncle George, brother of my mother Barbara Gluska-Trezzani. This healing took place thanks to Blessed Fr. Ignacy, who – I hope – soon will be declared a saint. And also thanks to the prayers of the Loretto sisters. A few years ago my uncle contracted cancer and last year he was in hospital again because his condition had deteriorated. The doctors were helpless. When I found out about his hospitalisation, I started praying in Pessano for his healing because he has a wife, a daughter and a several-year-old granddaughter who very much need his presence. I remember very well and precisely when I prayed with the sisters to Blessed Fr. Kłopotowski. My quiet intention was asked from the bottom of my heart. I believe in miracles, but I approach them with realism and rationality. After a few hours, I found out that a certain doctor had found the cause of my uncle’s deteriorating health and he soon returned home healthy. I hope that the knowledge of the Founder of the Loretto Sisters will spread even further in Poland, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, USA and other countries. Thus, the Catholic missions will continue to be founded under his name.

Praised be Jesus Christ forever – Milena Trezzani


Ever since I received the booklet on Blessed Ignacy Kłopotowski, I started praying to God through his intercession for healing from my illnesses. For a long time I had been experiencing severe pain in my shoulder. Every movement and normal functioning was extremely difficult to me. I was also diagnosed with cancer cells in my bladder. I asked the Blessed Father for these intentions. After some time, the check-ups no longer confirmed the presence of cancer cells and one day my arm simply stopped hurting on its own. I can now move it freely and lift my arms up without any problems. I believe that I owe this grace to Blessed Fr. Ignacy.

Prof. Mario Borghi Urbino


About three months ago, our daughter who is pregnant went for a check-up where the doctor found that our granddaughter’s kidneys were not working well and this could seriously threaten her health. The prognosis was that if our granddaughter’s health deteriorated, surgery in the womb would be a possibility. At that point I reached for my devotional book and found in it a picture with an image and prayer to Blessed Ignacy Kłopotowski. I began to pray every day for my granddaughter’s health. About three weeks after I started praying, my daughter went to the hospital for a check-up where it was found that her kidneys had started to work properly, just “by themselves”. I firmly believe that this happened through the intercession of Fr. Ignacy.

Marcin Wiosna


My husband and I both wanted to have a second child. We undertook the standard investigations in this situation. However, it turned out that I had a cyst on my right ovary which could be the cause of the difficulty in getting pregnant. Furthermore, there were other health “obstacles” that prevented us from enjoying anew the gift of fatherhood and motherhood. Time passed and the desired child did not appear in the world. We undertook a treatment called naprotechnology, but without much success. Subsequent tests revealed other difficulties. We did not consider IVF. After some time, to our great joy, it turned out that I was pregnant. However, it was an ectopic pregnancy with great risks and a threat to my life. The unwanted words came true and I miscarried. It was a huge pain for me. From that moment I lost hope that I would ever have a child again. After a few months from this event, we went to Loretto. Kneeling at the tomb of Blessed Fr Ignacy – my husband and I prayed very fervently for the gift of offspring. After Mass, a sacristan sister came up to us and asked how many children we had. I briefly told her our story. With great cordiality she said that Fr. Ignacy always pointed to Our Lady and to praying the Rosary, so maybe we should say the Pompeian novena. I felt in my heart that Blessed Fr. Ignacy had spoken through her. Looking at the picture of him in the forest with a rosary in his hand, I had no doubt that this was a sign. It was a huge challenge for me but I took up the prayer. I completed the novena at the end of August. On 7 September, my husband and I, along with my daughter, attended the consecration of the church in Loretto. On that day we prayed very much for the miracle of conception. Shortly afterwards I found out that I was in a blessed state, but also this time it was a high-risk pregnancy. I was told that I had to lie down for the whole nine months. This was a great hardship as I was a very active person. I asked the Loretto sisters to pray for me and they gave me the relics of Fr. Ignacy for that time. All the time I prayed to him for the miracle of maintaining the pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby. Although the situation was threatening, I felt a great peace. Deep in my heart I believed that everything would end well. And so it happened. Our second daughter Aleksandra Maria was born happily. She was baptised in the Sisters’ chapel on 7 September. In addition, I would like to mention that a lot of people prayed at the relics I had at home during that time and small miracles happened as well.

Ewa Kacprzak-Krzysik


Dear Sisters, ever since I received the pictures with the prayer to Our Lady of Loretto and Blessed Fr. Ignacy Kłopotowski, I decided to entrust all difficult matters through his hands to God. For twenty years I had been trying to heal my mother’s varicose vein wound on her lower leg which was causing her a lot of suffering and trouble. I offered prayers through the intercession of Blessed Fr. Ignacy for many months and gradually the wound began to heal until it was completely healed. Only a slight redness remains. When I look at her leg, I just can’t believe it. I think it’s a miracle. I am very grateful to God and to Blessed Fr. Ignacy for hearing my request.


We kindly ask you to let us know of graces received through the intercession of Blessed Father Ignacy Klopotowski by writing to: Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Loretto, 18 Ks. Kłopotowskiego St., 03-717 Warsaw, e-mail:


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