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45 indications from Father Kłopotowski

45 wskazówek od bł. ks. Ignacego Kłopotowskiego na dobre i święte życie
  1. What befalls us comes from the good hand of God who knows what is best for us. Let us always repeat: “Lord, Thy will be done!”
  2. Remember that God is looking down on you and His holiness supreme requires the greatest modesty from you.
  3. If people praise you, do not exalt yourself and if they reprove you, do not worry. You are what you are in God’s eyes.
  4. It is better to make a mistake and give to a man who has lied to us about his need than to refuse alms to a truly needy person.
  5. If you cannot give great services to your neighbour, then help him in everyday things.
  6. Good deeds are to come from our hearts. You do not need a full pocket to do them but above all a heart full of love.
  7. Let us change love for our neighbour in thought into love expressed in words. And from this let us move on to deeds and state our love for our neighbour in deeds.
  8. Ask for much because much more than you expect, Jesus can and will give you.
  9. One “today” is worth more than two “tomorrows” and what you have to do today, do not put off for tomorrow.
  10. Let us not begrudge time for a good prayer. We shall derive real benefit from our action and have the desired effect.
  11. Offer daily hardships, sorrows, prayers and everything to God for the salvation of souls. Thus, for a moment you will not cease to be an apostle.
  12. Take every opportunity to be helpful to someone.
  13. When they ask you for a favour – give it willingly, for advice – give it hastily, for help – help if you can.
  14. May our conduct show respect for the religion we profess. (…) Let beautiful actions correspond to our name and vocation to the Catholic Church.
  15. In every matter, ask not what people will say about it but what God will say about it.
  16. A sinner converted and reconciled with God through our efforts will be a shining pearl in the heavenly crown that God will put on our temples.
  17. Do not lose your calm and balance when they begin to ridicule your faith and piety. The fiercest opponents will humble themselves in the depths of your soul before your courage and will respect you for defending your convictions openly.
  18. Let us not neglect hungry souls let us share the book like bread.
  19. Let our prayer aim at the glory of God and it will always be effective.
  20. Do not fear the judgements of men but fear the judgement of God.
  21. Let us not keep good books under lock and key at home but give them to others as soon as we have read them.
  22. The Lord Jesus sacrificed Himself for us on the altar out of love; let us also be sacrifices for one another out of love towards Him.
  23. We should give back to God all the graces we have received from Him. But they should already be done: transformed into action.
  24. We are to bind ourselves with our hearts to God forever. We are to be like not a reed that is swayed by the wind but a steadfast oak that cannot be moved by the fiercest winds. Steadfastness and perseverance are beautiful virtues.
  25. Take the chalice of the altar, pour into it your tears and your blood and verily I say that your sacrifice – united with the Saviour’s Sacrifice – will be the most perfect prayer.
  26. Try hardest to beware and to overcome in yourself features that you most dislike in others.
  27. The less recognition and gratitude we receive from people, the more abundant the reward in heaven will be for each of our beautiful deeds.
  28. Everyone who desires that holy concord should prevail among men, should learn to master himself and give way to others.
  29. We are to use earthly goods in such a way as to receive heavenly goods for them.
  30. Don’t complain that you are poor and mean nothing. It will be easier for you to enter heaven!
  31. Often, very often, consider that you will run out of time.
  32. At the reception of Holy Communion, ask the Queen of Heaven to adorn the poor house of your soul with her treasures and to come to this house herself to receive the Divine Guest with you.
  33. Guard your faith – it is our national foundation and the very essence of Polishness.
  34. Without prayer you will not see the true fruits of your labour.
  35. You will see from your experience what an inexpressible consolation the time you spend at the Blessed Sacrament will give you and how many benefits it will bring you in life and eternity.
  36. Sunday is to become a bright stop on the path of our lives.
  37. At least on Sundays and feast days, let us not begrudge time and take the opportunity to celebrate the Lord Jesus – truly present in the church and in the Blessed Sacrament.
  38. Do not begrudge the time to visit the Blessed Sacrament, especially when alone in church and with no one to talk to Him.
  39. Fasting, that is, a certain abstention from food, puts upon us the obligation to abstain from sins. For what would be the use of not eating dairy products or meat if the soul were to succumb to other sins and be burdened by them?
  40. No external enemy and foe of the Church is more dangerous to us than the two internal enemies hidden among us. They are called sluggishness and indifference.
  41. Let us pay close attention to our sinful habits and our sinful addictions, so that we may first of all be cured of them through Holy Confession and then through constant vigilance and remembrance of God’s presence.
  42. God gave us grace at Baptism so that, with its help, we may constantly maintain ourselves in holiness and profess the Holy Catholic faith. Are we making use of it? Let us remember that it is not enough to call oneself a Catholic – one must live by faith.
  43. One needs not only bread but also heaven. Let us remember this!
  44. And you too sometimes look to your relatives and your neighbours. Is it to rejoice in their happiness or their sorrow to grieve? Is it to sanctify them with pious conversation? Is it to help the poor or to dry the tears of orphans? To visit the sick in order to comfort their soul? If so, do as Mary did. Your visitations are then holy.
  45. If we love Mary, we should try to imitate her. And to imitate Mary is the greatest tribute we can pay her. She is for us the model of all virtues.

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