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Publishing House of the Loretto Sisters in Poland

Wydawnictwo Sióstr Loretanek w Polsce

Almost 90 years of tradition in the Catholic publishing market

The establishment of the publishing house owes its existence to Blessed Father Ignacy Kłopotowski – founder of the Congregation of the Loretto Sisters who recognised and highly valued the evangelising power of the printed word.

Today publishing house publishes several dozen items per year: combining experience and modern printing methods.

Christian formation and Marian spirituality dominate the publishing offer of books and magazines. Current moral and social problems concerning children, adolescents and adults are discussed in most of the positions. This is an excellent help in the search for answers to many issues that bother contemporary man. An important place is occupied by the monthly magazines which are part of the rich editorial legacy of the Founder: for adults – “Różaniec” (Rosary), for parents – “Tak Rodzinie” (Yes to Family) and for children – “Anioł Stróż” (Guardian Angel).

The historic headquarter of the publishing and printing house was located in Warsaw Praga district for 63 years.

The current headquarter is located in Warsaw Rembertów district since 1993.

Director: Sister Stefania Korbuszewska CSL.
Deputy: Sister Andrzeja Biała CSL.

The Loretto sisters are charged with almost all the tasks of operating the printing and binding machines and computers. Some of the sisters work in the editorial offices. Their every activity is immersed in prayer – before the books and magazines leave the printing press and reach the hands of the readers, they are equipped with the prayer and sacrifice of the sisters.

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