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Girls testimonies

„Porekolekcyjne echa” – Świadectwa dziewcząt

Retreats are always a time for me to rest with the Lord God, leave the noise of the world and deepen my relationship with my Lord among people who will help me. It delights me that when I arrive, I see myself as well as other girls spiritually crushed and when we leave – there is joy, courage and strength to enter everyday life. The Loretto atmosphere is perfect for gazing at the merciful Lord and being transformed in His Presence. (Karolina)

I have been on retreat at the Loretto sisters 2 times already and each time I learn new information about Mary, Jesus and the Lord God. I know that it is worth believing and praying but after the retreat you want to have this relationship even better and deeper. I really liked the openness of the sisters to us. Each of them was concerned about us and wanted us to not lack anything. The sisters were always willing to help. Thanks to the retreat, my relationship with the Lord Jesus has changed. I would love to go to them again. (Julia)

The Lenten retreat at the Loretto Sisters entitled: “The Lord my light and my salvation,” and led by Sr. Regina, was a special time. The opportunity to be with the sisters and meet new people were very enriching for me. We quickly created a homely atmosphere, forming our own little community where everyone could count on each other. I enjoyed very much the rich programme of the retreat. Everyone could find something for themselves: prayer, adoration, the community we all created, singing, talking and eating together. Everything was buttoned up to the last detail, although sometimes the Holy Spirit changed our plans anyway and we let Him work. From the first day at the sisters’ house, I felt at home there, thanks to the sisters who were welcoming, open and caring all the time. Daily communal Eucharist, prayer, meditation on the Word, as well as small group work and Sr. Regina’s conferences made it a beautiful time – a time of spiritual growth, an opportunity to deepen my relationship with God and get to know myself better. I’m glad I came to the retreat and I will definitely come to the next one when there is an opportunity. I hope we will meet again soon. (Paulina)

Nowadays, when the whole world is running after something, when every minute is at a premium and people are losing the meaning of life, it is worth stopping for a moment, thinking about yourself and changing something in your life for the better. An ideal opportunity to do this is the retreats at the Loretto sisters. As a participant I recommend them to everyone. (Magda)

Retreats at the Loretto nuns allowed me to have a moment of reflection and rest from the daily, busy life. They were an opportunity to reflect and meet with God. The sisters made a very positive impression on me. They gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and left me with special memories. It was the first time I participated in such a retreat and I am eager to repeat it. (Natalia)

The retreat in Loretto was fantastic. Delicious food, smiling sisters, well-maintained centre located in the woods. We had a meeting with the sisters, so that we could get to know each other better. The sisters spoke interestingly about themselves, vocation and religious life. Thanks to this retreat, my faith was strengthened. I wish they would last longer next year. (Zosia)


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