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Happiness that no one can take away

Szczęście, którego nikt nie może odebrać

The Lord Jesus drew me by the ears… that is to say, through the angelic singing of the nuns who came to our parish to celebrate the jubilee of one of them who came from my area. I was so enchanted by the atmosphere of this music and sisterly singing that on returning home, I wrote in my notebook the sentence: “I am going to be a nun”… I was about 10 years old at the time and had this incredible grace of which my mum always said that to church I “stretched my legs like an old man”. It means that when I heard that “we are going to church”, little Anna (that is me) walked at an equal pace with my parents without any resistance. And these marches to church were regular, i.e. every Sunday or on holidays. We also prayed together with parents and siblings. Later there were walking pilgrimages to Jasna Góra and living in constant proximity to the parish church.

The decision to offer my life to Jesus matured in my heart evenly with age. Therefore, the time of maturing, acquiring knowledge of the world and of  myself – did not prevent me from making my final decision. On the contrary, it strengthened me in the conviction that I can only achieve lasting and complete happiness in this mortal life by putting my will completely at the disposal of the Lord Jesus…

And although, after twenty years of being in the congregation, I already know perfectly well that this total surrender is not so simple, I am aware that I am on the right path. And this path leads me into the safe arms of God the Father and gives me a happiness that no one can take away from me….

For this gift of vocation – Thanks be to God!

Sister Judyta Zając


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